2 Ply Rubber or PVC Belt with Tubing Cleats and XH81 Chain2 Ply Rubber or PVC Belt with Tubing Cleats and XH81 Chain

2 Ply Rubber or PVC Belt
with 2×3 tubing cleats and XH81 chain on the sides

This 2 Ply Rubber or PVC belt is a tough, reliable belt that is excellent for use in recycling plants and other extreme environments. It uses a powerful chain drive and has metal tubing cleats.

The chain drive prevents extreme forces from being put on the belt, as well as create a more economical goose neck conveyor belt. A standard rubber goose neck conveyor would be much more expensive as the belting needs stiffeners, whereas the combo belt uses the tubing and reinforcing tabs.

The bolt on tubing allows for cleats to be replaceable compared to bonded cleats. They also are more heavy duty.

This belt is the step between a solid PVC or rubber belt and the Metal Hinge Pan. A Metal Hinge Pan being the most heavy duty and costly.

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