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HLO | Horizontal Baler

The Harris HLO line is the wide box model of horizontal balers. The HLO line, with the wide body design, features a wider, heavy-duty structure with a larger feed opening. The line is ideal for distribution centers, MRF operators, recycling centers and more.

Materials Designed to Process
  • Bulk Cardboard (OCC)
  • Shredded Cardboard (OCC)
  • Shredded News
  • Perforated PET
  • Whole Aluminum Cans
  • Steel Cans
Designed for these Facilities
  • Distribution Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • MRF Operators
  • Paper Converters
  • Paper Stock Dealers
  • Printers
  • Recycling Centers


Heavy Duty Construction
HLO balers are constructed using one-piece, side wall design with plate reinforcement. This design increases overall strength and durability to withstand everyday wear and tear.

All HLO horizontal balers feature AR500 premium wear liners. By using AR500 liners Harris ensures longer lasting durability in all baling applications.

Safety First
Harris horizontal balers utilize a Category 3 safety system. The system continuously checks the status and function of safety interlocks and emergency stop devices.

All access doors are provided with three (3) pole magnetic safety rated interlock switches.

Power in your Range

Harris HLO models come in a variety of horsepowers from 20 to 200. Each model has a standard operating pressure of 3000psi to easily handle everything from bulk OCC to aluminum cans.

Control at your Finger Tips

Harris HLO models feature a 6″ PanelView touch screen display. These control units feature programmable logic controller with 15 material selections and programmable settings. Easily fine tune the settings to perfectly fit your operation.

HLO Drawing top
HLO Drawing Side

Horizontal Balers Models:

Wide Mouth, Auto-Tie | Horizontal Baler

Wide-mouth, auto-tie horizontal balers are ideal for MRF systems, large recycling facilities, and other multi-purpose baling applications. Perfect for export bales, material conditioners and is available with a variety of options.

Hydraulic Power Unit

Inserter and Twister

HLO Wide Mouth Auto-Tie

Category 3 Safety System


Super Wide Mouth | Horizontal Baler

With a bale size of 48” x 40” (121.9cm x 101.6cm) Super Wide Mouth, auto-tie balers are ideal for distribution centers, paper stock packers, and large recycling facilities. The super wide body design features a wider, heavy-duty structure for a larger feed opening.

More Information:

• Self Aligning Single Tension System – Robust heavy duty solid plate construction and self aligning tension cylinder and members provide even distribution of forces on all sides of the bale. Support members are interlocked into baler structure to eliminate high stress points in welds.

Heavy Duty Bale Chamber – Massive 6”x 6”x 3/8” thick steel tubing with reinforced guides for strength and rigidity.

Main Cylinder Support – Heavy duty support interlocked into side sections of the baler structure to remove high stresses in welds.

• “Uni-Body” Side Construction – One piece plate with solid reinforcing bars provides uniform load and stress distribution (loads are transmitted through solid plate rather than through welds). Material behind the ram falls directly to the floor and may be removed through openings provided at the rear, while the baler is operational. This eliminates accumulation of material behind the ram and the need to shut down the baler to remove guards and material.

• Replaceable AR 500 wear liners.
• Adjustable platen hold down bars with AR500 wear strips.
• Heavy duty spring loaded bale retaining mechanisms.
• Adjustable shear blades with four knife edges.

Super Wide Mouth

Hydraulic Power Unit
• Comprehensive range of power unit sizes.
• 3000 psi operating pressure.

Inserter and Twister
• Tube steel construction.
• Hinged twister assembly for easy access to twister hooks.
• Highly reliable twister and inserter drives and mechanisms.

Category 3 Safety System
• Safety monitoring relay continuously checks the status and function of safety interlocks and emergency stop devices.
• All access doors are provided with 3 pole magnetic safety rated interlock switches.
• Dual trapped key Interlock on hopper access door. Control power must be turned off to enable the key to be removed and placed into the dual key interlock. This enables the door latch to be opened and the personnel key to be removed. The person entering the baler keeps this key in his possession. The control power key cannot be removed and power restored until the personnel key is placed back into the interlock. Note this does not replace lock out and tag
out procedure required by OSHA 1910.147.

• Touch screen color display with function keys and programmable
logic controller. Program has 15 material selections and programmable settings.

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