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Custom Conveyor Systems

As a response to customers request for installation, Carr Industrial started manufacturing and installing custom conveyors. Now we’re a leader in custom engineered Carrgo conveyors in the following configurations:

  • Steel Hinge Pan Conveyors
  • Sorting Conveyor Systems
  • Custom Eddy Current Conveyor Systems
  • Slider Bed Conveyors
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Trough Conveyors
  • Magnetic Head-Pulley Conveyors
  • Tumble-Back Conveyors for Tire Recycling

Get your custom industrial conveyors from a trusted experienced company.
Over 25 years of trades and fabrication bring you quality workmanship.

Conveyor frame
Trough Conveyor
Conveyor being built in the shop
Conveyor frame
Hinge Pan Conveyor

A heavy-duty conveyor meant for extreme environments, it is ideal for scrap handling or recycling facilities.

Rough Belt Formed Slider Bed Conveyor

We can create a cardboard baler conveyor designed to meet your needs, from compact, space-saving conveyors to large robust systems.

A unique hybrid design combining the robustness of a chain conveyor with the versatility of a rubber belt. Ideal for transporting scrap metals.

Videos of Projects:

Video: Hybrid Rubber Chain Scrap Conveyor – Extreme Environment

Video: Hinged Pan Steel Belt Conveyor

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We use ConBelt for our conveyor belting.

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We use quality original manufacturer parts in all our fabrications and services.

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