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Fluidizing Bed Repair

Call us for expert fluidizing bed repair for your silo! We make custom plastic silo liners for fluidizing beds, meticulously crafted from high-quality, permeable plastic materials to meet the specific needs of fluidizing beds in silos and hoppers. Ask about upgrading your Zeppelin Reimelt systems today.

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Fluidizing Beds:

A Fluidizer is designed for assisting the flow of dry powdered products in flat or conical silos and hoppers. This works well for material that has small particles that aerate and is not moist.

Fluidized beds are suitable for discharge from silos and containers. In the process, the air is directed through a semi-permeable fluidized bed and the materials to be conveyed are fluidized.

At times the liners can be damaged from a surge of air flow and they crack or split a seam. Once this happens the liner becomes less effective and can even create a issue with product getting under the liner and possibly creating sanitary issues. These liners also get fatigued or wear in certain spots.

Fluidizing Bed Frame
Liner in Process

What We Do:

During the process we take the hopper, create a pattern from the liner, and then form the new liner out of new permeable plastic. Welding the components is a labor intensive job and must be air-tight. This rigorous approach guarantees that the liner remains resilient under the pressures of industrial use. We then re-install it in the metal frame.

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Fluidizing Bed Plastic Silo Liner Example
Fluidizing Bed Plastic Silo Liner Example
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