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These scrap and automobile shredders will meet your needs and match your budget. They make use of today’s communication technology to offer scrap shredder system operators a set of resources that is unmatched by other suppliers of ferrous metal scrap and auto shredding equipment.

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Product Details

Ferrous Shredder Internal Castings

  1. Harris exclusive keyed round head bolts provide larger contact area with the castings for a better load distribution.
  2. An enlarged top grate increases the material throughput.
  3. Large front wall castings have longer life than traditional fabrications with bolted liners, without requiring continuous maintenance. Easy top feed installation. Secured by tie rods that strengthen the midsection rigidity.
  4. Self-supporting bottom grates eliminate the center support maintenance and have longer wear lives.
  5. Oversized Reject Door allows a faster removal of unshreddables, with Harris’ exclusive outward movement. This eliminates continuous impact of the material while in operation.
  6. The Harris Shredder’s unique sideliner design reduces throwaway weights with its weight reducing pockets that provide extra support around the liner bolts. Harris’ exclusive keyed round head bolts efficiently distribute the load around the circumference of the bolt head.
  7. Rear wall castings are slightly offset from the path of the material. These replaceable back walls are tie-rod held for additional strength to the midsection and create a much longer work life than fabricated back walls, without the maintenance associated with them.

Heavy-Duty, Double Feed Roller

Harris scrap and auto shredder systems implement a sturdy reinforced steel plate yoke with our exclusive 3-tube design for enhanced rigidity to torsion. Our “Quick Release” design allows the removal of the complete roller without completely disassembling components. The continuous large diameter torque tube pivot distributes loading along a larger area. Tube sits on large steel split pillow blocks with bronze bushings.

Large mechanical locks allow safe work conditions during maintenance. The hydraulically actuated locks allow positioning from a remote safe location. Harris’ patented Teflon seals allow the best sealing capability in this heavy duty environment. The Teflon seals permit the re-honing of the cylinder tube to non-commercial sizes for extended service life.

Rotors and Drive Mechanism

Rotor Options
Harris offers welded and non-welded disc and 4-arm spider designs. Each disc, spider arm and spacer is shrink fitted and keyed to the shaft while the complete assembly is secured by tie-rods. Harris uses high strength steel alloy plate on all rotors. The end discs have replaceable caps for better wear resistance. Replaceable heavy-duty helmet cast steel caps protect the spider arms.

Rotor Bearing Housing

Rotor bearing housings are machined from high strength forged alloy steel. The internal lubrication connections allow placing fittings only on the outboard side for easy maintenance. The closed loop oil recirculating unit provides filtered and cooled oil to the bearings

Total Control

Harris Production Management system (HMPv.1) provides real time access to production rates, energy usage and critical operational feedback from the comfort of the operators chair fit with intuitive joystick controls.

The Harris HMPv.1 management system can be retrofitted to existing systems to provide your plant with vital operations data.

Complete Scrap and Auto Shredding System Design

Harris’ talented designers can design the right scrap and auto shredder system to meet the requirements of your specific application. Harris can design everything from the heavy duty infeed conveyor and state-of-the-art shredder, to the separation of ferrous, different grades of non-ferrous and stainless steel materials. Harris can provide you with a system to meet your needs and budget.

HS 80115

HS 80115

HS 98115

HS 125125

HS 125125


Shredder Model HS6060  HS6090 HS80115 HS98115 HS125125
RPM 600 600 600/514 514 450
Ferrous Shred Output (TPH) at HP rating* 1000 10-14
1500 14-20 25-35
2000 20-35 30-45
2500 40-50 50-60
3000 75-105
4000 90-120 90-150
5000 140-180
6000 160-220
7000 180-300
8000 200-350

* Performance rates are Subject to Material Content. Material Pre-shred Densities, Feed Rates, and Other Variables in Shredding. Specifications are subject to change 2 without notice.

* Specifications may be subject to change. Check with your Carr representative for the most up-to-date information.

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