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Break down cardboard boxes and recycled materials quickly and conveniently with a vertical baler. We offer new Harris balers or see our used balers for great deals! Harris balers are top of the line equipment that’s an affordable, durable, and easy to operate solution in reducing waste and associated costs. A Harris vertical baler is fast and powerful. It also only requires a single person to operate in most cases limiting the number of man hours (or manpower) needed in its operation. Its compact design fits easily in your business space.

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Materials Designed to Process

Width: 75” / 1.90 meters

Height: 148” / 3.76 meters

Depth: 47” / 119.4 cm


Vertical Baler
VNF5 Non-Ferrous Baler

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Vertical Baler Drawings


Are you manually breaking down boxes or does your current baling method take too long? Get a vertical baler to take care of them easily. By baling you can reduce your disposal costs.

Vertical balers save space

Harris vertical balers are designed with space in mind. With a maximum width of 75”, depth of 47”, and height of 148” it is easy to find the perfect location in your facility.

Vertical Baler Features

  • Heavy Duty Construction – Built with heavy-duty steel to handle repeated everyday use.
  • Easy Operation – Simple one-touch mechanical operation and straight forward manual tying system.
  • Easy Unloading – Manual unlock and mechanical assist make easy work of unloading.
Vertical Baler Drawings

Safety in Operation

Safety is taken seriously with all Harris Equipment. All the vertical balers are ANSI certified.

Labels offer safety instructions on the machine and additional safety information is available in the manual.

Vertical Baler Side View

Vertical Baler – Standard

Perfect for standard operations.

VNF5 – Vertical Baler

Specifically designed to bale non-ferrous materials.

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Corrugated cardboard (OCC) can sell for $80 per ton (40$ per 1000lbs) or up to $150 ($100 per 1000 lbs). A baler will cut your waste removal and processing costs and you will see a return on your investment in the form of revenue for your recyclable materials as cardboard is recyclable and end users purchase bales of cardboard.

  • 6 Yard Dumpster — 300 Lbs.

  • 8 Yard Dumpster — 400 lbs.

  • 10 Yard Roll-Off — 500 lbs.

  • 20 Yard Roll-Off — 1000 lbs.

  • 40 Yard Roll-Off — 2000 lbs.

  • 60” x 30” x 48” Bale — 1000 lbs. Estimated

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BALE SIZE Length 60″(1524mm) 60″(1524mm) 60″(1524mm) 60″(1524mm) 60″(1524mm) 72″(1829mm) 72″(1829mm) 72″(1829mm) 72″(1829mm)
Width 30″(762mm) 30″(762mm) 30″(762mm) 30″(762mm) 30″(762mm) 30″(762mm) 42″(1067mm) 40″(1016mm) 50″(1270mm)
Height 48″(1219mm) 33″(838mm) 48″(1219mm) 48″(1219mm) 48″(1219mm) 48″(1219mm) 48″(1219mm) 48″(1219mm) 48″(1219mm)
BALE WEIGHT lb 900-1100 600-700 1350-1450 750-1400 1300-1500 900-1200 900-1300 Up to 1500 Up to 1700
(kg) (408-499) (272-318) (612-658) (340-635) (590-680) (408-544) (408-590) (Up to 680.3) (Up to 771)
CYCLE TIME No Load 50 sec. 29 sec. 71 sec. 51 sec. 41 sec. 50 sec. 50 sec. 51 sec. 51 sec.
MOTOR HORSEPOWER 15 10 15 20 15 10 10 20 20
HYDRAULIC PRESSURE psi 1800 1600 1800 2400 2800 1800 1800 2000 2000
(BAR) 124 110 124 230 193 124 124 137.8 137.8
MAIN CYLINDER Bore 6″(152mm) 6″(152mm) 7″(178mm) 7″(178mm) 8″(203mm) 6″(152mm) 6″(152mm) 7″(178mm) 7″(178mm)
Stroke 48″(1219mm) 27″(686mm) 48″(1219mm) 60″(1524mm) 54″(1372mm) 48″(1219mm) 48″(1219mm) 54″(1372mm) 54″(1372mm)
PUMP CAPACITY gpm(lpm) 12 (45.4) 12 (45.4) 12 (45.4) 18 (68.1) 28.5/7.5 (108/28) 12 (45.4) 12 (45.4) 18 (68.1) 18 (68.1)
FEED OPENING Width Height 60″(1524mm) 60″(1524mm) 60″(1524mm) 60″(1524mm) 60″(1524mm) 72″(1829mm) 72″(1829mm) 72″(1829mm) 72″(1829mm)
27″(686mm) 19.5″(495mm) 24″(610mm) 27″(685.8mm) 27″(686mm) 32″(813mm) 32″(813mm) 36″(914.4mm) 36″(914.4mm)
SHIPPING WEIGHT lb (kg) 4300 3860 6500 7000 9750 5500 6500 9500 9500

* Information may be subject to change. Check with your Carr representative for the most up-to-date information.


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Large Volume Cardboard Balers

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