Preventative Maintenance

As important as the equipment is to your business, so too is a regular preventative maintenance program. A proper regularly scheduled maintenance program increases the life of your equipment.

Carr Industrial can customize a maintenance program specific to your needs and equipment and help prolong the life of vital equipment while saving you costly down-time.

We offer:

  • On-going maintenance, inspections and repair programs
  • Thermal Scan Heat Tracing
  • Oil Test Analysis – reports
  • Submission and administration of vital reports and records

Our programs can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual, and involve such activities as analyzing wear and tear, proper clearance and ensuring your equipment is still meeting the manufacturers specifications.

Our goal is to keep your equipment operating with minimum downtime and increased reliability.

Carr Industrial Truck
Carr Industrial Truck
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Part Replacement

We offer certified original parts for products from Harris Equipment or ACCENT Wire Tie Systems. With our maintenance services, you can easily get the replacement parts you need, when you need it. Read more:

OEM Authentic Parts
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