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Stand Wire- Baling Wire

Stand wire is ideal for use in baling with automatic wire tying machines combined with two-ram and single rams balers.

Carr Industrial supplies Accent Wire Tie brand baler wire, one of the leading providers of bale ties in the U.S.

1 – 25 carriers per order (approximate weight per carrier is 1800 lbs.)

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Product Details

Stand Wire (also known as carrier wire) is available in two wire types so you can get the ideal wire for your wire tying machine. Get Galvanized for your two ram baler or Black Annealed for your single ram baler.

Galvanized Extra Hi-Tensile™ Stand Wire is the premier baling wire in the industry, for two-ram balers and automatic wire tying machines, like the Accent 470 Wire Tier. Manufactured for complete metallurgical traceability from the wire rod to the wire around your bales.

Stand wire

Black Annealed Stand Wire is very resilient, easy to work with and the solution for the recycling, agricultural and construction industries. Single-ram balers produce heavy and dense bales, which means the quality of black annealed baling wire is more important than ever. This type of wire is drawn from medium carbon steel, annealed in a furnace and slowly cooled. This process produces strong, clean baling wire with superior elongation. More organizations buy black annealed stand wire from Accent Wire Tie than any other supplier.

Black annealed stand wire


We’ll match you with the perfect selection of stand wire from our range of choices.

Galvanized Wire Specs

10 0.132 – 0.135 2,014 – 2,505 20.57
11 0.1205 1,653 – 1,938 25.78
12 0.1055 1,267 – 1,486 33.62
13 0.0915 954 – 1,119 44.72

for use with double-ram balers and automatic wire tying machines

Black Annealed Wire Specs

10 0.1350 859 – 1,073 20.53
11 0.1205 684 – 855 25.78
12 0.1055 395 – 493 33.62
13 0.0915 395 – 493 44.69

for use with single-ram balers

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Stand Wire Products

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More Information:

What is stand wire?

Stand wire, also known as carrier wire or stem wire, is a type of wire used in the process of baling materials such as paper, plastics cardboard and textiles.

What type of stand wire do I need?

They type of wire you need depends on the application and your machine type. Galvanized Extra Hi-Tensile™ wire is used for automatic wire tying machines and two-ram balers. Black Annealed wire is use in single-ram balers, most often in construction, recycling and agricultural industries.

How much wire will I receive?

Black Annealed wire is available in 10 to 14-gauge on stands/carriers and Galvanized Extra Hi-Tensile wire is available in 11 to 14-gauge on stands/carriers. The amount of wire you receive is base on the gauge, or thickness and is measured by the pound.

  • 10 Gauge – 20.53 feet/pound

  • 11 Gauge – 25.78 feet/pound

  • 12 Gauge – 33.62 feet/pound

  • 13 Gauge – 44.69 feet/pound

  • 14 Gauge – 58.46 – 58.58 feet/pound

How do I order?
To order products, fill out the quote request form and we will contact you.

What other types of wire can I buy from Accent Wire Tie?
Baling Wire, Box Wire, Stand Wire, Single-Loop Bale Ties, Double-Loop Bale Ties, Cardboard Baling Wire, Baler Wire and Plastic Strapping.

Why buy Accent Wire Tie products?
Since 1986, Accent Wire Tie has forged the strongest ties in the industry. They are the most comprehensive and largest baling wire manufacturing and distribution network in the waste and recycling industry. Products are developed with an engineering focus that exceed industry standards.

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