Cram-A-Lot Vertical Baler VB-60-B (2)
Listing ID: 2326

Condition: Used, Reconditioned
Location: Brantford, Ontario

  • Manufacturer: Cram-A-Lot

  • Bale Size : 60″W x 48″H x 30″D

  • Bale Weight: 1000lbs (OCC)

  • Cylinder Bore: 6″B X 44″S X 3.5″R

  • Motor: 10 hp

  • Cycle Time: 57 seconds

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We give our used balers a top tier recondition before sale.

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Before Recondition

Cram-A-Lot Baler Before Recondition

After Recondition

Cram-A-Lot Baler After Recondition
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